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Trouble-shooting is a company practice as well as a personal motto when it comes to serving our clients. We offer a wide range of products and services, crafted specially to cater to your digital needs.

TICON specializes in professional software development and IT outsourcing along with other services. We ensure our clients  by developing and implementing powerful solution, which is effective and user-friendly.  All we offer is the best that anyone has to offer.

Since 2007, TiCON has been delivering software development services to customers. Our major customers from Korea, Japan. We have signed as outsourcing partners for numerous companies in Korea and Bangladesh.

Love to invent new ideas?? So do we. We are working on our dreams and we would love your help in making TiCON special. Come & join us

    Our Achievements

    • Got agreement with leading Bangladeshi public university’s hospital management system in the year 2015 (University name : Patuakhali science and technology university )
    • Made Long term agreement with World innovation Japan for their all software project and consultancy, in the year 2014 delivered business process web base system and android app, Karaoke App and system, Android app shopping mall etc. Currently developing streaming system, IPTV and VOD apps.
    • Contract with state own Bangladeshi Mobile Operator, Teletalk for App development project
    • Agreement with Youstar Ltd for developed Embedded Digital Studio 2013
    • Long term outsourcing and software development partnership with HD Telcom, Korea
    • Developed iCallRing, video and image ringtone apps: TWMobile, service provdier for this iCallRing
    • Developed Banchin, the social app in the year 2012.
    • Developed 5Dimensial Edu, educational mobile apps: in year 2012
    • Developed iNEAT, standard Languages skill test in Korea, 2011.
    • Contract with Grace Global Academy of Educational Contents and Apps in year 2011
    • Started Partnership with with Ahlab Inc. (Korea) in Year 2011
    • Started Mobile Application Development outsourcing project in Year 2009
    • Started Symbian Base MVoIP Solution under brand Name TiVOIZ in the year 2008
    • In the Year 2008, Started Calling Card Business in Korea, partnership with Realstream Co. Ltd
    • Got Outsourcing Software Development Work Order from Galaxy Telcom, Canada
    • Started Global Telcom Carrier Business in the year 2007


    We exist to provide solutions to people and help them champion the problems at of the workplace, the market or even at home.