HR Solution

HR Solution

HR Solution

Although mostly focused on recruitment & onboarding, TiCON’s HR solution is perfect to take care all of your HR & Payroll related requirements

Key Features (Recruitment)

01. SSO

Single Sign On from Job application to interview, eventually employee login, which then can be integrated with access control.

02. Job Posting

Post jobs, share them and find some perfect candidate for the interview

03. Pre-employment test

Take a pre-employment test online to eliminate some candidates, reduce your on-premise hassle.

04. Video Interview

Even arrange a video interview so candidates can attend from anytime anywhere

05. Notifications

Send notifications, emails & SMS of the interview process to inform candidates accordingly on time.

Key Features (HRMS)

Performance Evaluation

Set the evaluation process, notify all employee and analyze performance at the end of cycle.

Time Tracking

Track entry-exit time with manual input or integrate with access machine server. Easily calculate attendance at end of cycle.

Payroll Management

Manage payroll - bonus & salary with custom set funds/source.

Learning Management

Arrange certification & tutorial with exams for your employees. This can also be used on onboarding process.

Analytics & Reporting

Detailed analytics & reporting is available from attendance to payroll or performance evaluation.

Future Integration

We worked on lots of models & objects/data for training. We will now present you our current achievements and ongoings.

Top Performance

A data analytics driven approach to automatically measure top performing employees/managers/projects/tools in use etc.

Self Service & Benefit Administration

We are working on employee self service portal for services like transport management etc. Also working on portal for employee benefit administration.